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Nokia N900 (my re-install hints)

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I own a N900 for almost one year now, recently I upgrade maemo to its last release (1.3), which fixes some  issues…nevertheless

  1. you still have to practice a little bit of console to achieve what you really want !
  2. I am a bit disappointed about this release, I am still not convinced that Maemo is solid as a rock, so I may test and switch to meego.

This new goal imply that I may have to re-install at any point Maemo (always plan the worst case scenario, when you are about to risk a new geek adventure), so here are some links and tips that had help me to get my smartphone “smarter”

Simplify set up via ssh

I don’t know for you , but the N900 keyboard, although very useful to reply to email or sms, can be painful for writing a complicated config files. So one of the first app I add is the ssh server . Once installed you will easily find the N900 IP adress. Then from your normal computer just connect by ssh as a root.

I generally write all my config or scripts files on my computer and then just scp them at the right place in the N900. Furthermore it’s a convenient way to back-up this file on your computer (in case you have to set-up from scratch your N900)

Connecting to wifi (with a PAP/TKIP protection)

In the institute where I am working, wifi access is protected via tkip, this kind of protocol is not by default  configurable on the the N900. For this I had to install wlantool obtained thank to this thread

Synchronizing  my calendars and TODO list (with Egroupware)

Here I had more difficulties to find something that just work for me. Basically, I have centralized agenda geared by egroupware and can synchronize it through a SyncMl server.

The idea here was to set-up Syncevolution (available in extra repository) like mentionned here, but for me libpcre3 was not available which turn out to stop the install process, the solution appear in a comment in  this thread

So I just went to this website, with my N900.  and then install the Maemo Hacker repository.

Then via a ssh connection to my N900  a little

apt-get install libpcre3

followed by

apt-get install syncevolution

and all the needed software needed were now ready to run.

The config files were then created by merging together indications from this and this other post.

Note : I use a secured server, nevertheless, I was not able to add a SSL certificate on the N900, so in the main config.ini file I had to resign and turn the SSLVerifyServer to 0 (even if this is not safe  !, I’ll try to fix this soon or later)

Ready for new geek adventures !

So based on all this info, I am now able to reconfigure all my smartphone in let say less than 1 hour…I can now think of testing meego, since I should be too painful to turn back to Maemo if needed.

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Just a stupid new year’s resolution

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

As 2011 started and my natural inclination to contradiction tend lo vanish a little bit every year, I’ve decided to follow the “New year ‘s resolution” tradition and as a consequence you are reading my first attempt to post  something on a blog.

Next step, will certainly be to post something on a regular basis (but regular  should still be defined….let’s says the Halley’s comet is somehow regular…let’s says I’ll try to do my best to write more frequently than every 75 years !). And as a second aim, let’s says I’ll also try to find something useful to write !  This will certainly be related to things like coding, animal genetic, statistic…and what so ever I’ll try to be open-minded !

So, reader, if you are here, I guess that it will be due to a post on this blog (and probably google just told you that this post was your holly grail, anyway just admit it, cause google is your friend) so let’s say that this is somehow a victory (either for me if you arrive here intentionally,  either for you  if you are a little Dr livingstone’s exploring the entire web).

Let’s celebrate !!!

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