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Just a stupid new year’s resolution

As 2011 started and my natural inclination to contradiction tend lo vanish a little bit every year, I’ve decided to follow the “New year ‘s resolution” tradition and as a consequence you are reading my first attempt to post  something on a blog.

Next step, will certainly be to post something on a regular basis (but regular  should still be defined….let’s says the Halley’s comet is somehow regular…let’s says I’ll try to do my best to write more frequently than every 75 years !). And as a second aim, let’s says I’ll also try to find something useful to write !  This will certainly be related to things like coding, animal genetic, statistic…and what so ever I’ll try to be open-minded !

So, reader, if you are here, I guess that it will be due to a post on this blog (and probably google just told you that this post was your holly grail, anyway just admit it, cause google is your friend) so let’s say that this is somehow a victory (either for me if you arrive here intentionally,  either for you  if you are a little Dr livingstone’s exploring the entire web).

Let’s celebrate !!!

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