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Looking Backward

Some month ago, while preparing a talk for the genetic department, I made some few research on INA. (French National Institute for Audiovisual ). I found a very interesting video founded by the Marshall plan, explaining what the future should be like. Unfortunately, I didn’t found it back, but on the other hand, I saw a video made in Jouy en Josas (the place where I work) in the sixties.

Several funny things :

  1. Nowadays for any video, journalist would ask to see the SNP chip scanner, not a computer, in the 60’s this was not the case ! (As shown in the first minutes of the video fortran program were THE ATTRACTION !). So, yes programming and computation use to be cool 50 years ago…to bad for me this is not the case anymore !
  2. Another amazing thing here, is that the video talk about what the future (i.e. the eighties by this time) of farming would be, and there are somehow pretty accurate prediction.

The whole video is available here :
Vodpod videos no longer available.


A lot of other videos are also available and each are very interesting. This initiative is very nice and should be acknowledged.

Now the major challenge for me would be to imagine what future will be and….wait to see whether I am totally wrong or not !

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