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Look as if nothing has chanded but…

I almost forgot this, but yesterday was the WorldIPV6 launch.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t sound as if anything special has changed but just imagine what would happened if we were to add all over the world two extra digit to every ZIP code ! It could be potentially a mess ! So this almost imperceptible change worth being noticed as not only it make a change (and allow evolution for the web), but also it is really invisible for the end-user. I wish I could make such big changes to my software with none of their user noticing it ! (Ok it also took 16 years to be set-up, may help a bit)

To test if you are ready for this change google set a test here

To have more info have a look here, or here.

And for a very nice explanation of why ipv6 is a solution to a pending problem have look at this video

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