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Software update

Another quick review on some updates :

Emacs 24.1

This version has been released in june. Some visual changes, and a major change with the package manager.
I haven’t really played with it so far, but as emacs is my every day “swiss army knife” i think I’ll soon get used to these new functionalities.

TeXlive 2012

As every year, a new version is available. I haven’t find any striking additional features, but that is part of LaTeX charm, a lot of small new additions that constantly enhanced your final result.

BWA 0.6.2

Mostly a bug fix release.

Picard-Tools 1.73

I realized that my version was outdated (I used the 1.69), but new versions have been delivered on a regular basis (4 in less than 2 months)

GATK 2.0 beta

A lot of change (explaining the version change).

A new website 🙂  a new licence :-(, improvement in base quality score  recalibration and a new file format (reduced BAM)  which should allow handling more files for SNP calling. And last some new tools to call variant. I am eager to test this !

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