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Online courses

Internet allow the best and the worst. I will skip the worst, (because everybody may already have some example in mind) to focus on one very nice facility Inter,et offer : Open Course.

First time I took advantage of these on-line courses was with Linear Algebra course tough by Gilbert Strang, I really enjoyed it.

Looking a bit deeper, several other such materials exist on the web so here is a first list :

And last but not the least, the freshly launched  Edx, which really sound very appealing (I am eager to test it)

While looking for “French resources”, I found very old courses on the INA website — the style (of both teacher and “students”) has nothing to do the other videos listed above (made 30-40 years later). More seriously, Canal-U, broadcast some courses and conferences, whereas ParisTech, began to list several resources (I have found so far most often courses notes, as the one present in cel, but I hope other kind of support will soon be offered).

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