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Publishing made easy ?

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

A very funny blog entry caught my attention lately, in fact the author had his article accepted, which is not such a big deal…if you don’t take into account that the article was generated by a software. You can even try to generate your own “pseudo mathematical” paper.

This kind of tool looks like snarXiv, which also generate articles looking like serious one (by just assembling trendy and/or classical jargon). Have a try to the Snarxiv vs arXiv to make your own opinion !

The extra fact here is that the article has been accepted, despite all its weakness ! If you’ve ever wonder if these mail from “journal” you’ve never heard of, are spam or not….part of the answer is given here.Two points are remarkable here,

  1. As long as you fulfill your interlocutor’s expectations — which can be pretty low– e.g. by using jargon, being incomprehensible if you are supposed to talk about very sharp subject, then you can “fool” him.
  2. Having concerned, responsible, fair reviewer that have high expectations, is really what build a journal’s reputation.

In fact, all these remind me about an old IBM video.