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AUCTeX install made simple

ELPAAUCTeX is my  default LaTeX editor, I admit I may sometime advise people to use the cross platform, shiny and user friendly Texmaker…but come on, the real one use emacs for everything !

One annoying point was that I generally relied on the AUCTeX version available on the my distro repository, whereas, I often add the emacs-snapshot PPA, to benefit from the freshest emacs possible.  Thus I  generally had two versions of emacs installed on my computer, the “normal” one which allow me to use AUCTeX, and the brand new version without this feature.

Fortunately, since emacs 24,  ELPA is now shipped by default, which ease a lot AUCTeX install. Here is the procedure :

  1. M-x list-package
  2. Put cursor on auctex, hit enter
  3. In the new buffer click on install

Did I say, it was a doodle ?  The ELPA is a such a killer feature ! Hope this may help you.

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