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Myriad and Minion Font for LaTeX

My new employer, recently changed its “visual identity”. Yes, a new CEO have been designated 6 months ago. I won’t be cynical enough to underline how much this sound like a cliché — changes being first (and sometimes foremost) cosmetic– , or point out that generally people who want to stand out of the crowd, end out doing the exact same thing (like using Minion or Myriad font, which by the way are now pretty common fonts). The aim of this post is to provide some link on how to install these fonts on Linux for people working with LaTeX.

As any anyone, I first asked googled for help, but the answers varied a bit — due to outdated solutions ?  The solution that worked perfectly for me (i.e. using Linux Mint 14, a full install of TeXlive 2012 made through synaptic) was using FontPro, I just followed the instructions in README and had everything running fine.

The MnSymbol package should provide Math fonts for Minion and Myriad, but I still haven’t found how to make it work properly (I instead set eulervm as a math font…more on another post).

Last it sounds like XeLaTex can handle otf fonts natively, but I am still “old school”, working mainly with LaTeX or pdfTeX. Can’t be that geek !

More on the topic here, and for windows users more here

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