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eMarch 4: Compilation environment variable

I sometime use improved library like mkl, in my code, the later need to have their path added to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in order to be accessed during compilation. Eventually, this may prevent the very handful M-x compile command to work with emacs. The fix I found on stackoverflow

(let ((path (shell-command-to-string ". ~/.bashrc; echo -n $PATH")))
(setenv "PATH" path)
 (setq exec-path
 (split-string-and-unquote path ":")
 (let ((ld_library_path (shell-command-to-string ". ~/.bashrc; echo -n $LD_LIBRARY_PATH")))
 (setenv "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" ld_library_path)
 (setq exec-path
 (split-string-and-unquote ld_library_path ":")
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