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Are bets following mendel’s law ?

IMG_20130603_114814My parents just got two cute calves. Their parents are both heterozygous at the polled locus, furthermore their sire is heterozygous at the Red Factor (Rr). As a breeder I hope they’ll be both homozygous polled (PP) and red factor (Rr)…as a scientist, (or just a realistic breeder) I know the odds for such an event are low, so I tried to bet for something more realistic — which in fact is not that easy !  This lead me to the question :

Do bets on genotypes follow mendel’s law ?

I’ve set a quick and dirty survey  to collect data, in the hope that it may help to answer this question. So if you’ve got time to fill the form, I’ll be more than happy !

PS : These calves will be tested on the new Eurogenomics LD chip so real genotypes /status will be available in a month or two….with hopefully some first analysis of the results.

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