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Recent articles

Just a small review of the articles I went through recently :

  • Why proper definition of any statistic matter. An article on the numerous Fst definitions, and their respective behavior with varying assumptions : MAF spectrum, samples size etc.  The article is very comprehensive and give a nice review of main concept around Fst.
  • Still around population genetics an article of my PhD supervisor on selective sweeps identification. The supporting information are also pretty worthy.
  • A nice review on measure of dependence it’s a  real relief to see alternative to the correlation coefficient do exist ! I must admit that pointless statements like “X and Y are correlated at 5%” just kill me.
  • “Encode returns” a reply to Graur’s article by Mattick and Dinger.
  • While at first glance its title may sound rather tautological, this article on long intergenic non coding RNA nicely shows that similar behavior (Ribosome occupancy) does not imply similar results (Protein coding). I wondered if the absence of stop codon in lincRNA (and thus the absence of ribosome release) impact the cell, but apparently lincRNA are not numerous enough to have any substantial effect.
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