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September 9, 2013 Leave a comment
  • Why partially identifiable covariance matrix should be consider with utmost care. I wondered if when dealing with Genomic relationship based on haplotypes, the mentioned  phenomenon doesn’t apply.
  • Hints on the results of my survey  (soon on the blog)
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Look as if nothing has chanded but…

June 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I almost forgot this, but yesterday was the WorldIPV6 launch.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t sound as if anything special has changed but just imagine what would happened if we were to add all over the world two extra digit to every ZIP code ! It could be potentially a mess ! So this almost imperceptible change worth being noticed as not only it make a change (and allow evolution for the web), but also it is really invisible for the end-user. I wish I could make such big changes to my software with none of their user noticing it ! (Ok it also took 16 years to be set-up, may help a bit)

To test if you are ready for this change google set a test here

To have more info have a look here, or here.

And for a very nice explanation of why ipv6 is a solution to a pending problem have look at this video

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New paradigm in science diffusion

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Eisenstein October "ten days that shook the world"A recurrent problem among the scientific community is the access to article, this looks to me much more obvious since I arrived within a lab with more physicians and biologist. The situation looks like both a huge loss of time and money for our institutions (where budget tend to decrease) and a net loss for science.

In some research area like mathematics, the problem is even worth because not only access to article is difficult, but the impact factor of mathematical journal remain low (which is annoying in the situation where research is more and more evaluated according to “standard” criteria), as instance the annal of mathematics, according to wikipedia have a Impact factor of 4.1 (rank as the first journal within the mathematics field), which is not very high when you think that it publish works that received the fields medal.  Ways to protest and try to change the business model for science diffusion exist :

Get informed on the problem here, or here (and for those who prefer French link, ici). And eventually support the boycott here

An alternative is to help “open-access” journal, which are more and more renown like PLoS and BMC (to such an extent that they are followed by more conventional editor !), by including them in your must be read journal and or by publishing high quality studies in it…

Use preprint archive systems

Although very popular among the mathematic community, remain pretty unknown for biologist (although it’s a 20 years old project !). Basically ArXiv is an easy way to publish pre-print (and thus give access ahead of print) for thus who could be interested in your work. A very funny things is that you can find on arXiv works that received prestigious awards before getting published !  A good news, while the biology section of arXiv remain poorly furnished (compared to other domain) Nature publishing group seems to test a similar approach with its Nature Preceding. I must say by now that I am not totally convinced that this will be the exact arXiv for biologist but let wait and see !

So comrade new paradigm are emerging let give them a try and see if world is changing ! 😉

A change in my habits ?

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

For several reasons, that could be summarized in one “too much work”, I didn’t find time to post lately, nevertheless I think I still had some little worthy programming tricks that could be published on this website , (maybe the one true problem is somehow a tendency to perfectionism).

So I’ll try to turn from my Debian habits “release when it will be ready” to a more pragmatic way of thinking “release early, release fast“. I ll try  from now on to write maybe  shorter post, just in order to keep a good writing rhythm.

I furthermore put in the manuals section of the site several works (that for some date back from the first years of my PhD)…and are somehow still not totally perfect Version < 1.0 (even though they’ve been used by quite a lot of person as far as I know !). I guess that sometime waiting too much for a release is by far much worse than publishing nothing.

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Just a stupid new year’s resolution

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

As 2011 started and my natural inclination to contradiction tend lo vanish a little bit every year, I’ve decided to follow the “New year ‘s resolution” tradition and as a consequence you are reading my first attempt to post  something on a blog.

Next step, will certainly be to post something on a regular basis (but regular  should still be defined….let’s says the Halley’s comet is somehow regular…let’s says I’ll try to do my best to write more frequently than every 75 years !). And as a second aim, let’s says I’ll also try to find something useful to write !  This will certainly be related to things like coding, animal genetic, statistic…and what so ever I’ll try to be open-minded !

So, reader, if you are here, I guess that it will be due to a post on this blog (and probably google just told you that this post was your holly grail, anyway just admit it, cause google is your friend) so let’s say that this is somehow a victory (either for me if you arrive here intentionally,  either for you  if you are a little Dr livingstone’s exploring the entire web).

Let’s celebrate !!!

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